s*x storys I really want to be turned on, by the way im a L*****n

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s*x storys I really want to be turned on, by the way im a L*****n

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    I have the first story so i was with my L*****n friend in the girls locker room and it was kinda awkward getting dressed in front of her but i was undressing to put my clothes back on, we were just swimming, and she grabbed me after i was naked and i saw she was naked and told me to be quiet. She wrapped my shirt around my mouth also covering my eyes and tied my hands together. i could easily get out of it but by the time i did i was on the ground and my hands were behind me. she was strattled on top of me and was l*****g my b*****s and the nipples. i pulled my hands out and took the shir t off my face. so she put her v****a over my mouth and started humoing my head, it hurt since we were on concrete and so i stuck my tounge on her C**t and she stopped and told me to do it more or  she would kill me and i saw her knife in the locker so i kept l*****g her C**t and i felt something sticky and thick drip into my mouth and then i fingered her and she made me hump her but after a while she got bored and left...i moved to a different state but the good thing i got out of it was that she made me realize i like girls and now i have a gf of my own.

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