shipping companies who are taking panama cdc

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shipping companies who are taking panama cdc

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  1. Guest7241
    Panama Marine Group, Inc ( processes Panama CDC and COC from India.  

    The way to upgrade a (Panama CDC - Panama COC) license through us and through the PMA is by the applicant doing the upgrade in his/her home country´s marine license. Once this is done then the applicant
    sends us a copy of the same via scan e mail. Once we receive this copy, we verify it and process the application for the specific applicant with the PMA.  

    Once our clients formalize a payment, the Panama CDC application
    is sent with all organized documentation from a single seamen or a
    group of seamen.

    It takes 1 day to receive the applicant´s temporary CT
    which is a valid permit for 3 months while the permanent documents are issued.
    Usually the hard copy license takes from 2 weeks to a month to be issued. As
    soon as these documents are received we send all the documentation via

    Having a Panama Marine License is the best opportunity for recent graduated
    marine students to find that first job, as well as for officials and
    other mariners who are looking to expand their career in the marine

  2. Guest5481
    how many fees for cdc licences
  3. Guest5194

     sir my son have completed thetwo years  HND Diploma from engine side from B PMarine Mumbai & STC, UK and have a PANAMA CDC. Many companies are not taking people with PANAMA CDC. can you help me by letting me know which companies take PANAMA CDC phreasher trainning students for engine side.

  4. Guest5303

     sir, i have applied my panama cdc before two and half months but it do not come yet.could you tell me please why its getting so late.

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