should 8 year olds take own bath and dress themselves

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should 8 year olds take own bath and dress themselves

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  1. Victor Strong

     First and foremost, let me preface my preface my response by saying that every child is different and develops and forms habits at their own pace and age. It is important to positively reinforce and encourage rather than trying to force and get impatient with a child. 

    To be honest, a child of 8 should have no issue bathing and/or dressing themselves. I have a nephew and niece, both with different sets of parents and each is and was more than capable of dressing and bathing by the time they were 6-7. I mean little Harry had a bit of trouble with his button up jeans, but he had it on lock by the time he was 8. Encourage your child and they should be absolutely fine. 

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