should girls under 8 be aloud in mens public restroom with dad and brother plus other men?

by gabe  |  7 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Underage girls in men's restroom.

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  1. Victor Strong

     This is an interesting question as the answer is contingent on a multitude of factors. It is common that a father of a very young girl brings her into a men's public bathroom out of the need to use the facilities whether it is him or her. 

    It is important that the men's room be evaluated to ensure that the young girl is not exposed to anything inappropriate or unsafe. If it can be avoided it should be however if needed, I see no problem with a very young girl in the men's room if her father ensures that she is protected from exposure. Her brother being there could be so that the father can use the facilities without having to keep his daughter with him.

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