should i put my 15year old daughter in a diaper

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my 15 year old daughter has become very disrespectful and rude. one of my friends suggested diaper discipline and i wondered if anybody could tell me if they have used this method, did it work for you?

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  1. Guest6923
    yes,by all will send a message to her that she is acting like a baby and is being treated as should use a thick cloth diaper on her with plastic pants over it.i know of a few parents who use diaper punishnent on their teen daughters and it is very effective.keep the diaper and plastic pants in her underwear drawer as a reminder of what will happen if she steps out of line.

  2. Guest5861
    Absolutely! Believe me it WORKS! I tried this with my daughter (14) and it turned her attitude around after 2 weeks.
  3. Guest3053
    yes than treat her like a baby for 1 year trust me did it with my 2 daughters
  4. Guest4342
    Are you crazy? It is disgusting, humiliating psychological torture. NO!!!!My god, all who write here you are not normal!!!!!
  5. Guest2734
    Not for a long period of time or anything but in front of one of her friends or something, just not in public. If you can afford it to, talk to her about saving up for her a car, you and her for when she can drive in the next year or two, and when she acts up, take money out of the car saving money for her, then it will be up to her when she can chill out and get ready to have a car the following year or two. There are a few ways to act towards a reward for her behaving good
  6. Guest2975
    Absolutely not. It is an extremely degrading and humiliating practice and in my opinion is emotional abuse.

    Read this links:

    Parents which use it on their children are not normal people.
  7. Guest1599

    Even if it isn't illegal in your state or where you live, i.e. not written in statute, it will still be criminal child abuse. Should the authorities find out, Child Social Services will take your child/children away from you and you WILL lose custody of them and charges will also most likely ensue.

    Now if your friend and the other a*s**les ^ above think it is acceptable, please give up your children for adoption, you don't deserve to be parents. You are simply taking the easy way out by avoding to do any real work. There are plenty of behavioral changes you can make yourself which will make your daughter change her behavior. Most often parents react negatively to their childrens bad behavior which in turn makes children believe that the parents are a*s**** and hence they rebel more, because emotionally they feel like you don't like them.

    Here are some links for alternative ideas:

    And think about what you would really be accomplishing by diaper discipling your daughter?? You would be forcing her to become incontinent and dependent on you. Do you think she is going to like you, and listen to you more if you emotionally abuse her? Rather than giving your kid a healthy upbrining and allowing them to become an individual, you are going to force her to become submissive to abuse. Look up the statistics: children who are abused are more likely to be abused again.

    By the way, if your friend or someone else is using diaper discipline or petticoat discipline or anyother screwed up form of humiliation punishment, you have a duty to report this the appropriate authorities or child social services in your area. Consider telling that to your friend...

  8. Guest1073

     yes! It is not child abuse it is simply using behaviour discipline! If your daughter behaves badly and nothing else works turn to this solution. It may humiliate her but that is what you are intending to do. Disposible nappies with plastic pants and body suit over, making it difficult for her to take it of. 10 out of 10 times i've known parents to do this and it works like a charm. 

  9. Guest4182

     Well to be honest with you all, I went through diaper discipline when I was a little boy. I was around 6 or 7 and my mom always used to say to me, "If you keep acting like a baby then I am gonna treat you like one. STARTING WITH PUTTING YOU BACK IN DIAPERS!". Well needless to say those warnings fell on deaf ears. I always thought she would never go through with it. Until that one day around 6 or 7. Before I knew she was stripping me naked. She even pulled my pants and underwear down herself! Before I knew she was folding a diaper up between my legs! It was awful! No wait, torture! Needless to say that changed my behavior all right, in fact she never had to diaper me again. Its has since been 23 years to the day of my diapering, and I can still remember my diapering like it just happened. I am now a diaper lover as a result. I wear diapers all the time. I can't find a girl friend because of my diaper wearing. So would I say it worked, absolutely! Would I recommend it, absolutely NOT! You will damage your kid for life!! Even though I get a lot of enjoyment out of diapers, I still really wish my mom never did this to me! I hate her for it! I think of my future and all I see is a lonely isolated man, with a deep wound that just won't heal. So for gods sake, Try to find another means of punishment. Before you sever them for life.

  10. Guest244

    i used diaper discipline on my 13 year-old daughter who was so unruly throwing tantrums acting childish not cleaning her room and wetting her knickers and bed the odd times so i ordered rerry nappies and plastic baby pants offline when she came home from school i ordered her upstairs to my bedroom and i stood her in front of me and told what i would be doing to her i said she would not be wearing nappies to school unless she had been really bad but as soon as she got home from school she would be wearing them and to bed also and when she finished school friday she would be in them all weekend until school started she then kicked off and called me a b***h so i pulled down her trousers and knickers i then pulled her over my lap and spanked her backside till it was red then i folded 2 nappies and powdered and creamed her then i pinned the nappies on her and put the plastic baby pants over the top and after i had finished i told this would continue until she stopped acting like a baby she has been in them for 3 months now and has worn them to school has she wet herself at school she also doesn't wear knickers anynore she wears trainer pants for school now as she can't not be trusted to wear normal knickers now i have tried to get her out of nappies but she insists on them am i doing right by keeping her in them karen mum to katie

  11. Guest5196

    All teenagers want to grow up and be adults. Telling them they're acting like babies is the best way to give them something to think about. Just be careful.

    Some people here are really going crazy over this, but they do have a point. Abuse this, and it will cause psychological issues in your child.

    Like everything in life, use, but do not abuse.

  12. Guest7157

    we use cloth diaper and rubber pants punishment on our 15 year old daughter.when she has to be punished,she has to take off her clothes and the diaper is pinned on her then a pair of baby print rubber pants are put on over the diaper.she has to wear tee shirt that says baby on it.she has to wear the diaper and rubberpants after school,to bed and on the is very effective and she doesnt like wearing them so it has changed her attitude a lot.i strongly recommend other parents use diaper and rubber pants punishment on their teen daughters as well.

  13. Guest2690

    I use nappy punishment on my 14year old daughter, when she has misbehaved. i take her to her room and order her to undress, I then put her nappy and baby type plastic panties on her, these are fastened with a lace round the waist and tied at the back thus preventing her from removing them herself. I allow her to wear a short dress which shows her punishment she is not allowed to leave the house, she goes to school in her normal knickers but when at home she is put back in her nappies. Her punishment lasts for a week she hates the humiliation of having to explain to visitors why she is in nappies. The punishment does help with her temperament and tantrams.

  14. Guest9390

    if she or he is wetting then put them in diapers 24/7 till they stop. but let them change themselves

    bring their friends over and change them or check their diaper , treat it like a handicap .

    and if get better fine

  15. Guest4646

    Iagree with the diaper punishment for the 15 year old girl.she should be made to under go the full baby treatment,cloth diapers,rubber pants,tee shirt,bonnet,booties,pacifier,etc and shown to her friends and humiliated in front of them,she be diapered at night for bed and on the weekends.she should be forced to wear the rubber pants to school under her clothes also.this baby treatment will shape her up in no time!

  16. Guest9036

    we are catholic and our 16 year old daughter got into trouble last april a month befoere her confirmation.she stayed out beyond her curfew and lied to us about where she was going and whom she was with.she talked back to us and was unruly.since she had to wear a white long dress and veil for her confirmation,we made her wear a thick cloth diaper and adult plastic pants under the dress as her punishment for the day.she cried and resisted some,but we finially got the diaper and rubberpants on her and she was so embarrassed wearing them under her her party,i told some of the cousins and her girlfriends that she had a diaper and rubberpants on under her dress and some of them lifted her dress to check them out.since that day,she has been a model teen and has been honest and abides by our rules.

  17. Guest17

    our 15 year old daughter got into trouble two weeks before easter and was acting like a two year old-very sassy and lying to us and staying out beyond as her punishment she was made to wear cloth baby diapers and adult size baby print rubberpants under her short easter dress on easter sunday.quite a few family members and some of her friends saw them on her and teased her.we told them she was wearing them as punishment and no one had a problem with it .she was especially embarrassed when some of her male teen cousins saw them on her .she has been good since and is reminded of what will happen if she misbehaves again.

  18. Guest6025

    I agree.Putting your misbehaving child back in diapers and rubber panties is an excellent method of punishment..My wife does this with our 15 year old daughter and it works very well.

  19. Guest552

    i put my 16 year old girl back into nappies because she would wet her panties at school and called me an a*s  so i bought baby stuff and i got a potty traing  potty  and make her use it.

  20. Guest175


  21. Guest5953

    I don't know if that will work or not. I got diapered at age 12 because I talked back to my grandma. I didn;t mind wearing the diaper because it felt good.

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