special code for subsidy lock i776

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special code for subsidy lock i776

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  1. Guest8082
    I have a Boostmobile Motorola i776 cell.  I need to lock the phone where only I can use it.  I need the default unlock code and tried calling Cus. Ser. twice and the reps didn't know the default code!!!
    What do I do?  If I engage the feature then can't set a code, I'm locked out of my own phone and can't even call Cus. Ser. again.
    PHONE LOCK:  turns on a feature that locks your
    Lock Now takes effect immediately; Auto Lock
    takes effect when your phone is powered off and
    then on. An unlock code is required to enable this
    feature, to unlock the phone, and to set a new unlock
    code. Contact Nextel Customer Service for your
    default unlock code.
    Keypad Lock — locks the p

  2. Guest6303
    i want unlock code
  3. Guest6401

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