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for vice president

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  1. amomipais82
    My name is _____ and I am running for the position of the Senior Class Vice President. But why vote for me you ask? Sure I’m average height, have average looks, but in the end, I am not as average as you may think. Aside from being a full time student, I am also very interested in foreign cultures and my unique love of Japan helps me bring a broader perspective of ideas and knowledge to the table. I am very athletic and have a strong determination to succeed. I have spent hours and hours trying to come p with a funny intro to my campaign, something to “hook” my audience if you will… when I realized, why can’t I just be myself, the person you are voting for and what you will be left with after all the campaigning I over.

    Together with student council and ASB, the Vice President helps to coordinate rallies and sporting events, and, of course, Aquacades. I have the spirit to get everyone involved and pumped up for these events, and a fun, easygoing personality so I am always available to talk to. I know some of you probably aren’t familiar with who I am, but I look forward to getting to know you while we plan these events together.

    If I could pick one word to describe myself, well, I’m friendly, artistic, diverse, active-oh wait, that’s more than one! I am active in many school activities ranging front STAND to the Ambassadors Club. Sports are important to me, as I run cross country, play soccer and swim year round. I am a firm believer in a balance between mind, body and spirit, so I try to organize my time between hobbies and schoolwork.

    That is why I am here today, standing in front of all you, giving a speech and probably looking a bit ridiculous. However, I am ready to face the challenges that might come along with this position. Everyone sitting here today is a privileged member of this outstanding school, and I want to take the opportunity to let your voices b hear. If you elect me, I will open my eyes and ears to the students of this school..Furthermore, I will try my best to make this school something that we can look forward to everyday

  2. Guest6606

    thats goooooood

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