stardoll super star get super stardoll for free

by Guest5191  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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stardoll super star get super stardoll for free

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  1. erika

     If you would like free stardollars it's simple earn them cause none of these cheats will work! If you would like to visit me on stardoll go ikka36. ~Erika

  2. ivana1234

    if u want stardollars for free email me your user and pass



    thrust me im not a hacker :D


  3. Guest6090
    if anyone has a stardoll gift code please can u give it to me i need more money on stardoll i have alredy become a superstar but i just need back up please if u do give it to me thanks bye
  4. Guest2883
  5. Guest4945
    plz give me a boy supstar ill pay you back and give you to girlz if u r 1 plz
  6. Guest4179
    i am only 9

    plees can you pay for me to be on super stardoll i promise i will pay you£10
  7. Guest4745

    i dont belive in stupid cheats there put off and scams hacks to get u in trubble

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