steps of kuratsa dance

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     KURATSA (Tacloban, Leyte)

    Introduction. Partners join inside hands, free hands down at the sides. Starting with the R foot, take three steps forward (cts 1,2,3). Put feet together and bow to partner or audience (ct 1)…..[2M] Dancers separate about six feet apart. The last two counts of the music are not played until the partners are in their proper places.

    FIGURE I. Music A.

    a. Starting with the R foot take three steps forward to be side-by-side (L to L shoulder) at center (cts 1, 2, 3, 1); transfer weight to R foot in rear (cts 2), transfer weight to l Foot in front (cts 3). Hands down at the side and swing naturally in time with the music or the girl holds skirt, boys hand on waist while doing the four steps forward on cts 1, 2, 3 1. Right arm in fifth position and L hand on waist when transferring weight on cts 2, 3…..[2M] b. Starting with the R foot, take four steps backward to proper places. Hands as in (a) (4 cts), two-step turn R in place, girl holding skirt, boy's hands on waist 92cts)…..[2M] c. Repeat (a), this time partners stand by each other's R shoulder at center…..[2M] d. Starting with the R foot, take four steps forward to partner's place (4 cts), two-step turn R about to face partner (2 cts)…..[4M] e. Repeat all (a to d), finishing in proper places, facing each other….[8M]

    FIGURE II Music B. a. Sway balance with a raise, R and L. Arms in fourth position, R and L arms high or bent at shoulder level, opening and closing with a forearm turn…..[4M] b. Execute three waltz half-turns R to partner's place (one waltz step for every half-turn) Forearm turns R and L alternately. Finish facing partner. Pass each other by L shoulders…..[3M] c. Repeat (a and b), finishing in proper places…..[7M] d. Repeat all (a to c)…..[14M]

    FIGURE III Music C.

    Face L- Boy faces audience, Girl, away from audience. Starting position- R foot in fifth in front.

    a. With the R foot leading, take seven mincing steps moving sideward R toward partner's place (take six mincing steps for the first three counts and only one on the fourth count). R arm in fifth position, L hand on waist (4 counts). Turn R about on the ball of R foot (2 cts)…..[2M] b. With the L foot leading, repeat (a) going to partner's place. Reverse position of the arms (4 cts), turn L about on the ball of L foot (2 cts)…..[2M] c. Repeat (a)…..[2M] d. Cross-turn R. Bend trunk and knees slightly while turning and straighten them at the close of the turn. Salok L hand across the body while turning R hand on waist or in fifth position. Finish facing each other…..[2M] e. Repeat all (a to d), finishing in proper places facing partner…..[8M]

    FIGURE IV Music B.

    a. repeat Figure II (a)…..[4M] b. Starting with the R foot take 2 waltz step forward to form one line at center facing audience, girl stand in front of the partner (2M). Pause (1M)…..[3M] c. Take four waltz steps sideward , R and L alternately. Arms in lateral position, moving sideward Rand L alternately….[4M] d. Repeat Figure II (b)…..[3M] e. Repeat all (a to d), finishing in proper places…..[14M]

    FIGURE V Music C.

    Face L as in Figure III.

    a. Execute tiny steps moving to sideward R. The R foot steps forward and backward alternately, while the L moves little-by-little to sideward R. Partners meet at the center in a back-to-back position at the end of the fourth measure. R arm in fifth and L bent at shoulder level…..[4M] b. With partners in back-to-back position and close to each other, continue doing the same step, turning clockwise in place. Arms as in (a)…..[4M]

    Partners face each other. c. Continue doing the same step moving clockwise. Reverse the postion of the arms every 2 measures or on every measure…..[6M] d. Waltz-turn R to proper places. Arms as in Figure II (b)…..[2M]

    FIGURE VI Music B.

    a. Sway-balance with a hop, r and L. Arms in fourth position, R and L arm high alternately…..[4M] b. Take two waltz steps forward to meet partner at the center. Arms in lateral position, moving sideward R and L (2M). Pause (1M)…..[3M] c. R arm bent forward at shoulder level, L arm in fifth position. Point R foot sideward (cts 1, 2), point R close to L in first position and bend body jerkily toward pointing foot and at the same time lowering R elbow close to waist (ct 3)…..[2M] d. Repeat (c) …..[2M] e. Starting with the R foot, take two waltz step forward to partner's place. Arms as in (b), passing by R shoulders…..[2M] f. Waltz-turn r about. Finish facing partner. Arms in Figure II (b) ,,,,,[1M] g. Repeat all (a to f), finish in proper places…..[14M]

    FIGURE VII Music B. Play faster and once only.

    a. Starting with the R foot, take two waltz step forward to meet at center. Arms in lateral position, moving sideward R and L…..[2M] b. With the girl leading, partners waltz to any direction as if the boy is chasing the girl. Girl turns around to face partner once in a while, then continues to move in any desire direction. Arms as in (a)…..[10 M] c. Partners join inside hands, Girl standing at the R (1m), bow to each other or to audience (1M)…..[2M]

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