stock symbol call how do I get off my sreen to call again

by Guest5312  |  8 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I just want to know this happen for the first time  and what do I do to be able to start calling again.

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  1. Guest7260

  2. Guest266
    wish i knew cause i cant even call my sister in missouri. good luck if you get a reply let me know, same as me ill post it. thanks.
  3. Guest5990
    I have the same problem in spencer, indiana with my majic jack. I have had my mj for three years and I love it. I cant make calls either now and I also do not know what to do.
  4. Guest4577
    I don't have the answer but I'm am really upset, I spent 4 hours online for several hours trying to get this off my majic jack that I just signed up for a free year. Did I get help no, all i kept getting is transferred and asked to do the same thing over and over. Majic jack you should be a ashamed you ripped me off. This is not right. If you going to sell a product you should stand by it.
  5. Guest9840
    I have the same thing on my MJ. It says stock symbol call. There are a couple of numbers I have had to try calling repeatedly and I got this weird, annoying busy signal, and I know their phone wasn't busy as they were WAITING for my call. I have had my MJ for 2 years now and had no problems before this. I loved it...til now. Also, after and update, it cleared all of my contact numbers.

    I have had a few people complain at different times that, they called, knew I was home, but it went straight into my voice mail without even ringing, and it sure didn't ring on my end either.

    Magic best DO something. You have too many customers now to ignore this and, if you don't get things working right, there could be a class action suit to hit you. Some of us are very financially strapped and that is why we chose Magic Jack. Days and times are hard with many losing their jobs and homes. Are you going to be like the government, collecting in the money for this little piece of c**p and ignoring the will of the people? Wake up, or you may be surprised one day!
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