taking a friend's 1 year old from a disgusting home

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The place that they live in is disgusting, she is not being taken care of at all and yesterday, and the temp in the house was well in the 90's.  I'm a friend and I don't want to hurt her BUT her baby is on the line!  How should I go by doing this?  I would want the babies to live with me, but if that isn't an option I would want them to go to a good home and not be passed around like a new toy!  should I wait and see if things get better for her or should I act fast?  She has another baby due soon and I don't think that she is ready for another baby.  She has no education, no job, not even a way to get around!  PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Guest1720
    Unfortunately I dont know what the best answer is. I do know that if you know those children are being mistreated or harmed in anyway, you must call the authorities. I understand you dont want to hurt your friend in any way but those little innocent lives are at stake. If she decides at some point to give her children up for adoption and you cannot take them all, I would love to help! My husband and I are looking to adopt. We have a lovely home and lots of love to give! You can email me anytime!

  2. Guest2323
    I am sorry to hear that any child is living in those conditions, My husband and I are looking to adopt kids now, we are unable to have any children of our own, we are in our mid 30's both have stable careers and love kids.  If we can help please email me at
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