toshiba 65hm167 tv- white spots on screen

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toshiba 65hm167 tv- white spots on screen

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  1. Guest5975
    I have the same model, same problem. Less than 3 years old. The exact same problem all over the internet about Samsung, Sony, Mitsubishi DLP tv's. It seems to be a common problem with DLP chip technology. I contacted Toshiba, huh, out of warranty? Out of luck they say. Customer service really said that, " good luck with your problem. Samsung is taking care of customers, free of charge. I filed a complaint with the BBB. I will update my progress.

  2. Guest7651
    That's weird because Samsung is famous for ignoring issues like this.
    Same problem with mine.
    I"ve seen elsewhere a diagnosis of "Bad DMM chip in light engine" or something close to that.
  3. Guest6245

    Same problem same answer from Toshiba, I will file a complain with the BBB but I do not know what good that will do.

  4. Guest4740

    i have 65'' toshiba . white dots started 3 weeks ago. up to 40 dots.called toshiba, said

    3 years old and out of warrenty and they have never heard of the problem. has anyone else

    talked to toshiba ?

  5. Guest3679

    Is toshiba going to anything about this problem Bob

  6. Guest2270

    I am having same issue. Read somewhere its the light engine failing. Cost = bout $600. Looked all over toshiba website but found nothing on problem. Samsung is replacing for customers due to class action lawsuit. Maybe Toshiba is keeping quite.

  7. Guest7019

    I also have the same problem whit dots spreading like a disease. Can you tell me how to file a complaint and where to file? Does anyone know how to repair this?

  8. Guest380

    if you read the other posts it tells you what the problem is and how much it costs to fix it.

    READ ;)

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