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    Requirments needed to get Employee code:

    1. Account MUST be 1 years or older. (to be worth getting employee code. Don't waste your time creating new accounts.)

    2. You don't need to be superstar, you can be Non-SS.

    3. Don't create new accounts, or don't try to get Employee code with "younger" than 1 years account.

    Stardoll admins WILL ignore you and you will get a warning in the game, at (After few warnings, accounts are Deleting.) They will Delete your MAIN account, not the new one you created. How? Don't ask me, i don't know that.


    Now, how to get the EMPLOYEE CODE - the cheats master? You need to do both STEPS.


    STEP 1. Change your email to:


    Add me as friend, and i will give you another email. With that email, doing these 2 Steps, effect will be BIGGER. I mean, if you could get 5 000 Stardollars with

    You will get like 15 000 Stardollars with Email that i will keep in secret. I will give that email for only those, who are really worth it, and who will contact me.

    (Ssa means - Stardoll Stuff Administrator.)

    HOW to change you Stardoll email? Press: "My page", "My account" and then "Settings".

    Of course, last step - Change your email.

    STEP 2. Choose one of these emails. And write a private message including Account ownership. What that means? You need to prove yout account "rightfull". How? She WILL explain you. (

    *Also, i wanna that you now this: Stardoll Administrators NEVER HACK. Good luck!

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