Question: how do I view pic sent to my phone how do I view pic sent

by Guest2195  |  13 years, 7 month(s) ago

2 LIKES UnLike how do I view pic sent to my phone?  come on people please help me.

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  1. Guest7627
    howit wont let me let me put in the whole thing do i view the pics on my phone i put in the code and it dony work

  2. Guest3138 how do I view pic sent to my phone
  3. Guest5654 how do I view pic sent to my phone
  4. Guest2914
    Same question, where to type phone number and password
  5. Guest4050
    how do  view??
  6. Guest6964
  7. Guest2928
    como inches le ago pa poner
    esta aberrasion en espaniol
    ho diablos
  8. Guest7803
    were do i put the password at? i do have one.
  9. Guest9157
    how do i view a picture sent to my telephone?
  10. paafamily
    Most likely you need to get to a computer to view the pics and type in that web address but im sure you will need some kind of login and password to view it......I would suggest having your uncle send it to you again embedded in a text message.
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