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0 LIKES UnLike  Can someone who has a very IQ but knows loads of people with low IQ, please explain how can i look at the pictures sent to my phone. I would like it to be in a very easy step by step way.

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  1. Guest8670
    how do I see a picture sent to my phone

  2. Guest6626
    i have 3 pics sent to me from 541-378-7799,the user name is 541-643-8744,and the passwords for the 3 pics are pic#1:jmaxrktz, pic#2:ke3xxee6, pic#3:q7q785yf, how do I access these pics
  3. Guest4581
    314655-8561 3qwnpmh6
  4. Guest2308
    a co-worker send me some pictures, can you help me pull them up and how do i send pictures to my facebook page from my phone
  5. Guest785
    where do i login at
  6. Guest5777
    received from 2076206381 pics password w8pzgemk phone 4444
  7. Guest3611
    go to pass word is sent to your phone when You get the picture.
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