visa lottery to canada free no paymant form

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A lottery form for Canada free payment

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  1. sayed akram ullah

    dear sir      

              I have one request sir I from Afghanistan and I live in Pakistan and my father has dead  my age is 17 year and one small sister

    and one mother because very small family because life is not easy on Pakistan I need  help sir all candia people request you plz help me plz plz plz  visa  my passport is afghani sir I am ist year student on pre medical                                                                                                                                                  

  2. Guest3750
    is there a chance for someone that hasn't got job for while now and hubby does contract, to apply for the lottery?
  3. Guest8290
    is there a chance for someone that hasn't got job for while now and hubby does contract, to apply for the lottery? we need job badly and wld luv to work in canada.
  4. Guest1808
    land surveyor job in canada..woking in turkish company last 10 years
  5. Guest6131
    how to apply for visa lottery form free without payment
  6. Guest1276
    i live here in pakistan my father is ill he is on bed for almost one year i doing study in acca i feel difficulties in paying the fee because the income level is very low i want the visa for free please help me to complete my study
  7. Guest6137
  8. Guest5433
    sir my name is wasim s/o majeed masih,sir i have a fire of desir to go abroad sir i have no source to earn money because i belong to poor christian family sir request to you plz help and work on my request, sir i'm intermediat and i have also computer experience about office working etc
  9. Guest1387
    my name is Alem  my nationality is Eritrea in this time i live to the refug camp to Sudan  in this time my country is not good there is no free dom and democracy have war from the country to Ethiopia  my fath is christian  so i want lern and work   i am enter  by forc to solder in 1996 in Eritrea and by 12 day  went to from Eritrea to sudan 2010  month 04   i enter the refuge camp so plz healp me   my Email is  GOD help you and GOOD bless you
  10. Guest8397
    visa lottary to canada is free no paymentform for does who want to apply for live help from canada.and it may require some necessory experence,working exp,student,business exp,etc.
  11. Guest9240

    hi      my name  is   semereab  .i  am  eritrea   know  i  am  living khartum .in   all   africa  no good life  no  eddication  no  work  no  mony  no free  dom  .so  i   went         to   help me please

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