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walmart my benefits pay stub payroll.  I am currently working at Walmart, and would like to know, how one can access their Walmart payroll/stubroll benefits information through internet?  

It is just so hard to find an easy way to get information about my walmart payroll. Walmart is the largest store in the world and the owners are worth billions but the people like me who actually made them rich are the ones who suffer.  If they were to spend a small amount of money to provide services and resources, which make it easy for employees to understand things - they will only get more happy employees. i have tired everything,  put in my id and password on the new walmartone page to check my paystub but either it does nothing or directs me to the same page again and again. Either i am not smart enough to access my employee benefits stuff from walmart site or their payroll benefit site is just too hard to used. Please people provide help.  

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  1. Victor Strong

    I think the walmart payrol site may be called

  2. Victor Strong

    I would recomend for you to speak to your Human resource manager and ask how you should access the walmart employee payroll service online.  I am sure everything related to your walmart benefits and your pay stubs would be available from the payroll site.  Ask HR for the step by step instructions on how to access your walmart pay stubs online and please come back and tell others on how to use the service.

  3. Guest6958
    HOw do I sign in for my paystub?
  4. Guest9857
  5. Guest1507
    how do i sign in for my paystub?
  6. Guest3522
    May I view my pay stub
  7. Guest1539
    i cant even get the page to come up when i try to go to it comes up blank what am i doing wrong?
  8. Guest2695
    cant get into my benefits online
  9. Guest3270
  10. Guest8361
    Everyone is trying to get their pay stub. Just go to the Wire when you get to work. Same thing you will get on here is there..
  11. Guest9492
  12. Guest5979
    how do i sign in 2 my paystub
  13. Guest8525
  14. Guest9031
    u say f**k ya nig gimme my pay stubs
  15. Guest5738
    How do i get my last check stub if i dont work there anymore
  16. Guest2917
    what do i do to get into my paystub
  17. Guest5634
    how do i get a copy of my last paystubb if i son't work ther anymore
  18. Guest2940
    I work 28 to 30 hours per week, why is it that very little fed tax is taken out.
  19. Guest8862
    I was  fired but I need my w2 so I can file tonight where do I get them
  20. Guest5277
    How do I stop direct deposit?
  21. Guest6407
    walmart my benefits pay stub payroll
  22. Guest3907
    how do i see my pay stub
  23. Guest5893
    how can i access my account
  24. Guest1863
  25. Guest4881
    how do i do direct deposit with wal-mart
  26. Guest1650
    How do i check work schedule?
  27. Guest3276
    i need to get copies of my  last 2 months paycheck cant remember where to  goto on;line to get them
  28. Guest2085
    ervin j dunston
  29. Guest7664
    how to find past paystubs
  30. Guest4887
    I need my paycheck stub for 9/16/2010
  31. Guest5521
    my walmart paycheck stub 9/16/2010
  32. Guest4691
    my walmart paycheck stub 9/16/2010
  33. Guest315
    I no longer work for Wal-Mart. My last day was 4/9/10. I need a copy of my last check stub for finanacial reasons, and can not find it. How may i get a copy as quickly as possible?
  34. Guest2079
    my name is ruby brown i would like to view my payroll check now.please.
  35. Guest2282
    I am not employed at walmart anymore and i would laike a copy of my last pay stub. How can I get a copy of it?
  36. Guest1625
    I need a copy of my paystub from july 2009
  37. Guest5013
    I need a copy of my paystub from july 2009
  38. Guest5837
    I need a copy of my paystub from july 2008
  39. Guest4004
  40. Guest5980

    I need paycheck stubs for november 2010

  41. Guest8898


  42. Guest9732

     how do i find my paystub

  43. Guest9459

    how do i get  my pay stubs on line

  44. Guest7700

    how do i get my paycheck stubs


  45. Guest9638

      I am a exemploye from walmart in lisbon ct.I was wondering if I can get a copy of my last paystub. my last day working for u was may 1st 2010.

    I would be very well appreciated.

     former employee SANDY R. VERRETTE

  46. Guest2612

    I have been out on sick leave since Nov. 11 due to open heart surgery.  I have been paid thru Dec 17 but my doctor note requested 6 to 8 weeks off.  No hrs turnedin for this pay period.   I do not go back to the doctor until Jan. 10.  I still have 84.50 hrs of sick time.  Who do I need to speak to about this?

  47. Guest714

    how do i get my w-2 form

  48. Guest7180

    ok i am an exemployee and i am trying to sin in to get my w-2s and it will not let me it says invalued user how do i sign in to get me w-2s

  49. Guest1436

    ok i am an exemployee and i am trying to sin in to get my w-2s and it will not let me it says invalued user how do i sign in to get me w-2s

  50. Guest9609

    I am a former associate and I need my last check stub as well as my W2 . How can I get them?

  51. Guest4460

    ok i am an exemployee and i am trying to sin in to get my w-2s and it will not let me it says invalued user how do i sign in to get me w-2s

  52. Guest3314

    how do I find out what my paystub is?

  53. Guest327

    where is my pay stub?

  54. Guest4764

    Call your local wal-mart personnel office and ask for the number to the home office benifts line they will direct you on how to attain  a copy of your last pay stub.

  55. Guest8948

    i need acopy of my w-2 form for 2009

  56. Guest8182

    If you are interested in viewing your Walmart  paystub/payroll, through an online medium, you will have to access Walmart's associate web page through this link: If you are desirous to view your Walmart benefits than access this associate webpage of Walmart:

  57. Guest2073

    i am a fromer empolyee at walmart i need to get a copy of my 2007 paystubs for my disabilty case can anyone help me

  58. Guest6360

    I need a copy of my 2010  w-4

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