wants a unborn baby without adoption agency

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hello im krista ahd i would really love to have a child because i am not able and cant afford adoption fee's.... as well as i have a partner. its hard to adopt being g*y put im hoping someone out their will give me a chance.

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  1. Linda Jones

    My husband and I are in our 50's . I am in my early 50's but very active still in the gym and in fitness. We are both Christians and have been praying for a child for many years. I have been infertile since i was 22 yrs old.  We would love to adopt a baby, under 3 year old with out any adoption agencies or great amounts of money. We have a lot of love to give to a little one,  and believe that God will place us upon someones heart to answer our prayer for making our family complete.  God Bless... Linda     email

  2. shelly wheeler

    I live in the State of Missouri and have been with my spouse for the past 14 years now. I am unable to get pregnant and I can't afford the thousands of dollars it takes to go through a adoption agency. If any mothers would like to give there wonderful baby to a great home with loving/caring parents. Please email me at

  3. Guest9594

    Hello dear ,

    my name is Grace , i am 23 year old and got pregnate and unable to take care , i wish to know if you are still interested in adopting a baby , if yes can contact or please can e-mail me back as soon as possible regarding our situation . e-mail me back at ( )

    thanks and best regard .

    Grace .

  4. Guest7759

    Hi hon, I am responding to your Question, We are interested in adoption.My husband and myself have been together 13 years, we have a 16 year old, and would love to raise more children together,and iam unable to have anymore children. Please respond asap. My name is Chrissy

  5. Guest9384

    Hi Everyone ,My is Jennifer Clarkson ,  please i am looking around any Christian and stable family who can take very good care of my 10 months old baby boy , please if you are serious and sure you can give him all the love and care he deserve , then do e-mail me back at ( ) for more details about me and my son , Please again only serious family should e-mail me , i have have receive several reply's but no one is really serious about our situation ... i am on my knees begging any family ready to adopt a baby , that i can't take very good care of mine ... You can get back to me for pictures also .

    thanks and waiting

  6. Guest3472

    My husband and I have been trying for 5 years for a baby.  We went through testing to find out we can not have any without paying $12,000 for IVF.  We do not have that money to spend upfront.  We both wanted to have children and also adopt a child that needed a loving home.  If there is anyone in Texas who is pregnant and is unable to care for the infant, we would be MORE than willing to make the child a part of our family.  We are a military family and can take care of the child.  We are not looking to "bid/buy" a child.  We just want a child of our own and give he/she all the love they deserve.  We can be  reached at



  7. Guest4169

    my name is alyssa and im 14wks pregnant and looking for couples to adopt..if your interested please feel free to email me at

  8. Guest1355

    Hello Jennifer I sent you a email my husband an myself are very very interested in adopting your baby boy  please send me more info if you are still interested we are working on are home study  and lawyer now but we can make things go quicker if you are interested in us and i can send you more photos of our  house and us  if you would like please get back in touch with me when you get this you have my email thanks sooo much. gina

  9. Guest526

    My husband I are seeking to adopt a lovely baby into our home. My husband was adopted himself and we are so excited to have a baby to love and care for. We believe that God will send us a little angel to love. We do not wish to go through an adoption agency,that feels like buying a child. We will get a lawyer and all the necessary paperwork and go through the legal channels. If interested in giving a baby a loving home then send us a message at God Bless All....

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