was their really aliens abductions in nome alaska

by Guest9196  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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aliens abductions in nome alaska

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  1. Guest5742
    yes. i live in Nome my family has for hundreds of years. what the people of nome have seen is what cuases them to drink we all have see or heard the lights and the language in the distance of dark nites. we keep it quite and cover it up so people dont come and mess. the govrnment keeps it covered up cause the rest of the world would freak. plus we fear talkin about it may bring more bad luck upon us.

  2. Guest6128
    There has to be some way to help you guys. I really feel angry about your situation!
  3. Guest4184

    you have to say cant keep it a secret forever!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Guest5756

    wow..i found out because of the movie THE FOURTH KIND. and i beleive her every word!!!!!!!!!!!

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