were can you chat with justin beiber

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were can you chat with justin beiber

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  1. Guest7807
    He has both a twitter and a facebook.

  2. Guest9958
    hi  justin
  3. Guest7908
    Ilove all your songs that you sing.I am Ashtyn Ruby Wallace and I live in plains kansas street 510 west ohio.See my b-day is coming up and I was woundering if you could come for my b-day on june 30th 20010 then ill be 10.I got 3 dogs scooter spud and molly. i also have a brother age 6 and his name is bryton.
  4. Guest4555

    hey justin i am not a cazy fan.I am not crazy about you.I hope that's o.k. I no nothing about you except that your favorite color is purple and that you are 16.I am turning 15 teen this year,2011. I like purple but my favorite color is blue.i wanted to say that i can't hate you or be crazy about you.You followed your dream and thats amazing.I look up to people who do things that others think is impossible.I wanted to say that it doesn't matter what other people think of you.Weather it is that they hate you or if they are crazy about you.I will never say never because you made your dream come true,and if you can do it than i can do it.My dream is to become a singer,and i will never give up on that dream.I hope you have fun following your dream,i also hope you get this messege.

    -Form a girl named Rebekah


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