what are auspicious days for childbirth in march-april 2011

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my dob is 24.09.1981 anb my husband's dob is 25.9.1981.

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  1. Guest8897
    I want to know the auspecious dates in the month of March and April 2011 to deliver a baby

  2. Guest312

    I need a good & auspicious time for my baby birth pls suggest which is the better date between 13 th August 2011 and 20 th August 2011. My husband's date is = 08/01/1977(DD/MM/YY)My date of birth and time is =31/08/1977(DD/MM/YY)(08:32 am)



  3. Guest8830

     dear madam,

    the best date of birth is when you go into labour what God has determined.

    It really unwise to plan a date of delivery as i see most patients request to their doctors and sadly enough many doctors also go along this new trend for pleasing their patients having monetary gain in mind.

    as a doctor myself and as a Hindu i advise you to surrender everything to God.God knows best for us.

    Its unsafe to opt for an LSCS procedure just to deliver child on a so called auspicious date.Surgical intervention is only advisable if normal birth is totally not possible due to medical or emergency reasons as it comes with high risk for both mum and child.

    I am not againts any form of astrology but can you tell me which astrologer in this world who can predict his own death?

    so never forget : yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana..

    the most auspicious time is the time where our mind decides so.

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