what are cheap and valuble coins to collect?

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i got started last year because my dad also collects. some of my coins inclue a walking liberty, a buffalo nickel, steel pennies, a peace dollar, susan b. antonys, and others. i also have many foreign coins such as coin sets from mexico, germany, england, pakistan, asia, norway and canada. im not sure if my coins are too valuble, but would someday hope to get ones that are. what are the best coins to collect? where can i maybe get them? can you trust getting coins off websistes like ebay? im not so sure that i trust ebay, but if i did get something that wasnt what i wanted, i could always send it back. what coins do you think are the prettiest to own? thanks!!!!!!!!!!:)

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  1. Guest5752

    you could always visit coin shops in your area. its hard to really answer this because you didnt post the condition of your coins. a worker at a coin shop would be able to answer any questions you might have, and could also tell you how valuble your coins are. as for ebay, i wouldnt. people might not actually post the real picture of the coin, and they may not let you send it back. they sometimes only show one side of the coin, and the other side could be scratched up. its best when buying coins to actually meet with the person you are buying from.

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