what are some very good online dating tips for 2013

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what are some very good online dating tips for 2013

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  1. Victor Strong

     I have the following tips to provide you to help ensure that your online dating experience is as enjoyable as possible.

    1. Be honest - use a recent photo and keep all other information you share; on your profile or in conversations 100% real. If someone is going to lose interest because of something that is true about you, they weren't worth your time to begin with. Also, a lot of trickery and lies happen on the internet, don't be part of that cycle, you are better than that.

    2. Engage - be engaging with your conversation. What this means is that you should be asking questions, listening attentively to the answers and giving the other person your full attention. That will go a very long way.

    3. Run Game - your love life is in your hands. In order to attract someone worth while you willl have to bring your A game. There is no pressure in that, simply performance. Be who you are and be as positive as possible. 

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