what are the advantages and disadvantages in playing basketball

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what are the advantages and disadvantages in playing basketball

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  1. paafamily
    You pretty much mentioned the larger advantages... less injuries; and it can be played with a very small group, just one-on-one, or even by yourself.

    Another advantage might be that there's more running in basketball, for everyone... in football, just the running back and wide receiver run. But that might also be a disadvantage cuz you need to have more stamina and less laziness to play basketball (full-court).

    Professionally, football needs a lot more equipment and uses a lot more money to play real football games. Football has padding, cleats, helmets, etc... whereas basketball is just a rim and ball. Cheaper to play the actual sport (although just friendly pickup football games just uses the ball, no actual equipment n such).

    Another advantage to basketball is that its a worldwide sport now... generally seen as the second most diverse sport behind soccer. Football is only really played in North America... and its still not that huge in Canada. I guess this is an advantage because a new person from Europe can move to North America and not wonder why people are dribbling a ball instead of kicking it, haha.

    Oh oh! A disadvantage might be that basketball itself seems really pointless (although I love it, haha)... especially if you ask someone who doesnt play or care for highly-active sports. In basketball, you just dribble a ball up and down and try and get it through a circle.

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