what are the advantages of commercialization in sports?

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what are the advantages of commercialization in sports?

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  1. salim
    The advantages of commercialization are as follows:
    1. Without commercialization, you would still be holding you pocket transistor to your ears for the running commentary. And the din of the spectators in the stadium would dominate the commentators' voice. There would have been no telecast of the sports.
    2. Without the commercialization, the sport bodies would not have survived at all, with just their gate collections.
    3. The commercialization of the sports has benefited the sports persons too. Now, they earn so much that the Income Tax authorities have a field day each day.
    4. The statistics and the other finer points of the game are shown to the spectators in a lucid and crystal clear manner.
    5. The advertising agencies spend a lot on the sport and reap benefits befitting their investment in ads.
    6. You yourself could become a sponsor for your business and earn billions in the process or you can yourself become a sports person and earn in such a manner that your are your neighbor's envy.
    7. There would have been only two umpires in cricket. Now, there is a third umpire and a match referee.
    8. The misconduct of the players could clearly be seen by the crowd and they can judge for themselves. And the crowd can see the lapses, be it inadvertent, incompetent or deliberate.

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