what are the level codes for sniper assassin 4

by Guest3129  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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what are the level codes for sniper assassin 4

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  1. Guest792
    suck it

  2. Guest8922
    level 1 is: bloodpile
    level 2 is: head shot
    level 3 is: ouch
  3. Guest3213
  4. Guest8455
    par and passerby
  5. Guest1259
    nocturnal is the farthest that I got.
  6. Guest4942
    hide and seek
  7. Guest8384
    i finnally beat it took me 3 tries. nocturnal is last level
  8. Guest4163
    put in FOOTLESS an there we GO!!!!
  9. Guest6681
    guest 15260008,none of these codes work.
  10. Guest5014
    put in nocturnal for the level where you have to save charlie.
  11. Guest9643
    omg the last lvl is soo had ive tried like 100 times
  12. Guest3952
    nocturnal is the code to the last one but when u beat the last one thats the end of the game
  13. Guest6285
    i finished game
  14. Guest4320
    nocturnal is the last one but it is SO HARD!
  15. Guest2313
    what is cheat after nocturnal please tell me
  16. Guest2957
    par,charlie,iron maiden,passerby,hide & seek and noctural actuly i finished the game!
  17. Guest6150
    yo mama !
  18. Guest8376
    they kill ben ):
  19. Guest2860
  20. Guest683
    You CAN search it up on Google if that dosen't work then... ask a friend or go on youtube!
  21. Guest6309
  22. Guest1710
  23. Guest7985

    itssssssssssss so hard

  24. Guest8586

    a*s holes

  25. Guest3386

    par is the second, charlie is 3rd, iron maidenis 4th, passerby is 5th, hide and seek is 6th, nocturnal is final level

  26. Guest1773

    wats after footloose

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