what can be wrong when a fuel pump at the airport catches fire?

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what can be wrong when a fuel pump at the airport catches fire?

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    In case if a fuel pump at the airport catches fire, then it may happen that dozens of flights canceled, in order to prevent the public from the danger. you can fallow few precautionary measure when you face fire: In case if you have any un-event encounter with Engine fire then shut off fuel or full throttle immediately, while in case of Electrical fire, one will shut off master and for this use extinguisher or ventilate. In order to prevent from Cabin fire, one can use ventilate, extinguish, or liquids. Many incidents with fire in aircraft end as non-events. Even the non-events would not occur if the pilot appoints a no-go conclusion because of empty holes in the panel. Flying with a fix deficiency is just looking for difficulty. Organizing for an in-flight smoke/fire event should start with carrying a handheld radio that will give you communications with the electrical system off. Having a small halogen extinguisher is additional help.

    The primary fire process is to remove the source of combustion, but done immediately enough because t may not have ignited other things. One of the best cockpit extinguishers is the Halogen 1211, you can use that. Electrical fires have a harsh smell with possible dull smoke. Start by shutting everything off with the master. Then close all individual circuits. It is suggested that not to turn anything on but if conditions require, turn on the master and then re-set each circuit one at a time in an effort to isolate the problem. Controlled radios and GPS become worth their weight and cost in this happing. Don't fly any longer than necessary.


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