what do pymis eat

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what do pymis eat

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  1. toshiewoo
    do mean the shrimp or the The Pumas or Mountain Lion. Like smaller cats, pumas cannot roar though they can muster a very startling snarl or a piercing cry. In some places, these cats are also called cougars, catamounts, painted cats, panthers or painters. Scientists call them Puma concolor.

    Pumas mostly eat large animals like deer. Because the puma can run very fast, as much as 45 mph, and because they can jump very high almost 30 ft (10 m) forward from a standing position, they can very easily catch slower animals. Pumas can also climb on rocks and in trees to hunt. Their bite is very strong, much stronger than a strong dog's bite, and their largest teeth are about twice the size of a large dog's teeth.

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