what does hip koopaling have to do with "motorhead"?

by Guest4155  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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kilmister, motorhead, nick-name of hip koopaling, what do they have in common?

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  1. Guest4145
    Lemmy Koppaling and hip koopaling from super mario brothers, and lemmi is the starter of motor head, if ur playing the usa white collar game the answer is lemmy

  2. Guest6158
  3. Guest6935
    Playing the White Collar game on ha ha. me too!
  4. Guest1424
    wow atleast i know im not the only one who plays, but we cany post the answer ruins the fun of the game do some research and this games is actually very informational.....;)
  5. Guest1836
    Its astonomy links... white collar game...
  6. Guest3429
    Lol we're all playing the white collar USA Network game! :) You guys are awesome!
  7. Guest6497
    The answer is Lemmy and hip koopaling is like the nickname or something. It's more based on the head person from Motorhead.
  8. Guest5259
    omg everybody is playing the white collar game!!!!
  9. Guest9322
    haha thats great!
  10. Guest987
    what is the answer 4 case 2
  11. Guest3223
    are you guys all playing White Collar games? i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Guest7624
    haha thats amazing that were all playing... we should start a facebookgroup haha
  13. Guest7557
    hahaha...imma playing it2!!!
  14. Guest6146
    who likes the game?
  15. Guest1090
    haha me too im playin the game but i missed case 7
  16. Guest7208
    lemmy u b*****s
  17. Guest1995
  18. Guest6418
    LOL i am playing the game too :D
  19. Guest8031
  20. Guest4549
    Lemmy. OMG we are all playing the white collar game!!!!
    thats so cool!!!

    Do any of you know the answer to case 10???
  21. Guest9852
    I am playing too!! But I don't know...
  22. Guest5737
    what is answer too casse 10?
  23. Guest2174
    case 10 is photogram
  24. Guest4337
    The answer to case number 10 ie lemmy
  25. Guest644
    does anyone have the passwords for cases 1 or 3
  26. Guest7217
    does anyone have an answer for case 3 puzzle 1? i got everything else but this problem
  27. Guest3424
    that is soooo creapy that we are all playing the same game!!!!btw the answer is lemmy
  28. Guest1632
    ok um so whats the answer to password 9?
  29. Guest946
    this is funny
  30. Guest2933
    The answer for case 9 is Marzipan.
  31. Guest670
    what does hip koopaling have to do with "motorhead"?
  32. Guest6118
    i just need case one its killing me!!!
  33. Guest2536
    the answer to the one about the 27th infantry division is ORION
  34. Guest6077
    answer to #1: 1986
  35. Guest4226
    what is answer to code:  SPO%ILS    and pict UR e
  36. Guest8845
    what is the answer to case 2
  37. Guest5384
    you are an idiot. the answer is to the game is "lemmy" you dumb bass.
  38. Guest4337
    the answer to #1 is liberia.
  39. Guest9243
    the answer is lemmy what is the answer to case 3
  40. Guest6063
    #2 is yellowstone and 3 is grapefruit
  41. Guest4718
    whats the answer to case 1?
  42. Guest9557
    what is the answer to cipher/puzzle/case 8??
  43. Guest8558
    I cannot figure out the answer to the cipher/puzzle question which goes like this r sidways u b.  can anyone help me out.
  44. Guest3363
    Answer to puzzle 8 is "you are not in the picture". I can't figure out puzzle 6....I thought it was "the deck is stacked in your favor" any body get that one yet?
  45. Guest3150
    what is the answer for #5??
  46. Guest3796
  47. Guest7820
    What is the answer to number 4
  48. Guest2221
  49. Guest8689
  50. Guest2996
    what is the answer to #3?
  51. Guest2301
    whats case 9
  52. Guest5000
    I need help with the L_unch L_unch one.
    And the Mona Lisa one.
  53. Guest3606
    what is number 1?
  54. Guest3970
    I'm having problems with the "spotting the differences between the two pictures".  I found one, but I see a big difference somewhere else and it isn't recognizing that as a difference.  Any of you know how to do this?
  55. Guest1256
    I can't find the two difference between the two checks.  I can find one on the "B", but nothing else works.  I see a bunch of differences, but nothing else seems to work.
  56. Guest9414
    Sometimes you have to use the different tools to be able to click on anything at all. There's one where you have to use the blacklight thing.

    The other difference should be the check numbers in the top right hand corner.
  57. Guest8176
    what is answer to puzzle 4
  58. Guest4903
    i need help with this puzzle


    and i need help with the one that says

    in the o it says the
  59. Guest9507
    the answer is lemmy :)
  60. Guest4845
    rub you the wrong way
  61. Guest615
  62. Guest8601
    What does Zimbabwe, Cecil Rhodes and November 11th 1965 have in common?
  63. Guest937
    anyone know the answer to puzzle #2
  64. Guest4716
    what is the answer to the facebook one??? its case 9????
  65. Guest4566
    does anyone know the answer to passwords case 7? the one about Zimbabwe and Cecil John Rhodes.
  66. Guest6702
    the answer to case 9 is marzipan
  67. Guest3201
    Answer to the Zimbabwe is "rhodesia"
  68. Guest3269
    I'd just like to say here that I think it's soooo cheating that you guys are just giving away answers. lol Let people use their minds a little! It's good for them.
  69. Guest626
    I'd just like to say here that I think it's soooo cheating that you guys are just giving away answers. lol Let people use their minds a little! It's good for them.
  70. Guest3861
    what is the answer to the puzzle YR<CALLER????
  71. Guest7539
    Nevermind figured it out... WIRELESS CALLER
  72. Guest1786
    what is the answer to case 9 about the chef hiring hit men?
  73. Guest5580
    case # 10 for the safe cracker anyone
  74. Guest9824
  75. Guest6746
    The in crowd
  76. Guest8345
    whats the answer to cipher puzzel case 4
  77. Guest4981
    What is the difference between the two mona lisa paintings? This is my last question, and it is killing me. I found the difference above her hairline on the left side, but I can not find the other difference. Please help.
  78. Guest9983
    what is the answer too your deck favor
  79. Guest1166
    help with cipher 1, 3,4,6,7,8
  80. Guest3304
    Ian Fraser Kilmister stage name is Lemmy...he is the best known as the founding member of Motorhead.
  81. Guest2550
    i am completely stumed on this one. any help would be awsome.     b
                                                                     a   e
                                                                    d u m r
    i can not figure it out.
  82. Guest1637
    What is the answer to
  83. Guest8242
  84. Guest9949
    He Must mostly throw it out
  85. Guest5224
      A   E
    D  U  M R

    one is the Bermuda Triangle. I can't figure out the
    one (case 4 of cipher/puzzle); I thought it was "lunch at two" or "missed you at lunch" but it's niether. D:
  86. Guest458
    anyone know the answer to cipher/puzzle case 3 or 6?


  87. Guest1357
    anyone know the answer to cipher/puzzle case 3 or 6?


  88. Guest8264
    the answer is lemmy as in lemmy kilmister
  89. Guest1933
    OK-I can't get the puzzle that has
    By the way,the answer is "catch up"
  90. Guest4544
    The Mona Lisa Grab the Microscope and click on the picture on the right on her hair line and on her right eye on that picture!
  91. Guest7227
    the translostlation one is Lost in translation
  92. Guest193
    Please just give me a hint, not the amswer. Im stuck on the chinese currancy one. I got the face with the blacklight but I just can't find the other one.
  93. Guest4656
    Nevermind, I found it.
  94. Guest6254
    i'm playing too!!
  95. Guest5743
    whats the answer to the one about man ray and the rayographs?? i believe case 10
  96. Guest5841
    did you figure out "photogram?"  having trouble with R sideways U  B
  97. Guest2754
    whats case 10 passwords?
  98. Guest1671
    the answer is lemmy
  99. Guest5556
    whats the anwser to puzzle 6??
  100. Guest3176
  101. Guest3519
    okay are u totally playing the white collar fbi basic training password game????
  102. Guest1085
    what is the answer to case 10??? (NOT LEMMY AFTER THAT PLEASE)
  103. Guest7524
    what is d answer to cipher case 5????????????
  104. Guest9136
    What does the L-NCH
    L-NCH mean? Can't get that one.
  105. Guest2701
  106. Guest2487

    whats the answer to case nuber one


  107. Guest1784

    the word "lemmy"

  108. Guest8317

     the answer to the one with "the" in crowd is: the in crowd

  109. Guest4601


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