what does it mean when a guy doesn't talk to you unless you start a conversation?

by Guest3022  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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ok,this guy seems to like me,but now he doenst talk to me unless i start the conversation.he might b shy,idk,today,wen i said hi to him all he did was wave at me.he didnt even talk!!!ok,here is the story with this guy: i barely met him last week on friday and after school on friday,this guy pointed at me,but idk if he was checking me out b4 dat cuz he was staring at me b4 he pointed.and then i went up to him and said y r u pointing at me,then he teased me...then we started hanging out as if we were friends.but we r friends and we had barely bcome friends dat day at lunch,lol.and plus,he didnt care that i sat next to him after school on the bench,he didnt say eew wen this girl said eew ur sitting next 2 u and he didn't care if i touched him and he gave me some of his popcorn wen i asked him.what does this mean?is he checking me out or wat???

oh,and after skewl wen we look into eachother's eyes,he never ends the contact until i do.and that has alwayts happened like ever since we met.if he ever ended eye-contact it was probably just once maybe twice.but today monday,he never ended the eye contact.and plus,he was staring at me wen i was with my friends today also and he seemed to be near me alot at the time wen he saw me with my firends wich was only once cuz at lunch he is with his friends..oh,and i barely know this guy so help me please!!!
(: thankss

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  1. Guest3176

    oh,and he only started up a convo wid me once which was after skewl on friday wen we barelyt met (we met at lunch really  and hung out very very little not after skewl)

    and i hate the fact that with every question i ask on here i always 4get 2 put something in the question i ask!!!

    lol.well,help me,plz anyways!!!

    thanks alot cuz i really desperately need the help...


  2. Guest5193

    guys tend to want the girls to start the convos wen they like demm

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