what does it mean when a guy gives you his number in 2nd grade (very young age)?

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this guy in my 2nd geade class wrote down his number for me at the end of my 2nd grade year.he also signed his name on a paper i had (at the end of the year) and put a heart after 9he wrote his name in cursive).now im in 6th grade and i havent heard fromhim cuz i moved but should i still call him???cuz i still have my same phone number as i had b4 i moved and he may not have changed his number,so should i call???but whats this mean???and this happened all in 2nd grade very young age!!!plz helppp

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  1. Guest3930

    so he could keep in touch with you and date you when ur older like maybe 6th grade.if not a little younger or older thasn that.go out with him(if he is cute and if u like him 4 who he is,not just what he looks like,cuz i meen,who cares about appearance!?!?i mean,like pple 4 who dey r not just the fricken looks!but its okay to like them for looks too,but u should like them for more reasons than that)

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