what does the ep code on a ge air conditioner mean

by Guest5229  |  13 years ago

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when i turn on the window unit it shows ep on the display and vibrates, but the fan nor the compressor comes on

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  1. Guest1395
    I just had the same happen.  I called everyone up to GE and GE couldn't give me an answer.  I finally found a repair shop that had seen the same error.  It is the result of a failed sensor on the cold side coils.  I think it is basically a thermocouple.  My particular unit (Model AEH25DLH1) has two thermocouples; one for the temperature reading on the display and one to signal the electronics in the event of the cold side coil freezing.  This is the one connected to the copper portion of the tube part of the cooling coils.  The local shop put a thermocouple (display thermocouple) from another unit in place of the cold side coil thermocouple.  We basically bypassed the one that triggered the electronics in the even of the coil freezing.  You can't just buy the thermocouple from GE, you have to buy the whole computer board which is about 100 bucks...  The reality is the thermocouple is what is bad and if you knew the specs of the thermocouple, you could replace it for around 10 bucks probably...  Makes me want to not buy GE products any longer... My units was about 2.5 years old.  Check with your local appliance repair place to see if they have any old units that may have the thermocouple you need and hopefully you can save a few bucks...  I hope this helps...

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