what force changes a rock's shape or volume

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What force is it that changes a rock's shape or volume? I really need it for mii science class.

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  1. Daniel Phil

    It’s basically the tectonic stress that causes the shape and volume of rock to change. Don’t confuse with tectonic stress and intense pressure. The intense pressure is definitely one of the secondary reasons, but the actual change comes due to the tectonic stress. Weathering including mechanical weathering and chemical weathering are said to be the main reasons due to which this stress is created. The mechanical weathering includes exertion of intense pressure alongside the heat inside and thus causes change in shape and size and weight but there are no changes with its chemical composition. On the other hand chemical weathering changes composition of rock. It doesn’t happen overnight and needs bulk of time, i.e. years of being weathered by natural forces and many times the man made forces are the reason.

  2. Guest5311

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