what gift i give my friend who has married few days ago

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what gift i give my friend who has married few days ago

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  1. GiGi
    If your friend is Girl:

    If you say your best friend is getting married and you are confused about the gift you should buy her then I am a little bit confused. You say she is your best friend girl, so you should know every thing about her. You should know what things she likes and what things she will not. Wedding is a special day for every girl and remember your best friend will be looking forward for some thing special for you. I can advice some good tips though:

    Diamonds are girl's best friends as you may even know however obviously one has to see his pocket first. If only you are a loaded person and have extra cash then you may get a really nice diamond pendant or studs for your best friend which she will wear all the time.

    A nice painting by a famous artist would be an excellent gift item, which your best friend could even hang in her home and remember. You may visit different art exhibitions and find a painting which depicts your best friend.

    However if you can not spend much money on the gift then you can even make some thing special for her. Take a couple of nice snaps of your best friend with her fiance and you could frame them in nice frames and gift them to her. You can even make a nice scrap book of her and all the things she did in her life. This would be special since you will be making it your self.

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