what happened to Tyler clementi?

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Anyone please tell me the complete inside story of Tyler Clementi. What happened that he committed suicide.

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    Tyler Clementi, an eighteen-year-old Amercian  was a student at Rutgers University in Piscataway Township, New Jersey. He committed suicide after watching his video of sexual encounter over the Internet. Dharun Ravi, a roommate of Tyler Clementi , spied on his s*x life and videostreamed it over internet by using a web camera.  Tyler Clementi ended his life by jumping from the George Washington Bridge on September 22, 2010.

    Tyler Clementi had complained about his roommate act to his resident assistant and two other officials of the university that his roommate Dharun Ravi had spied on his s*x life and is trying to videostream it over internet. He has written in detail over the Yahoo! message board and Just Us Boys message board about complaints he made about his roommate through university channels.

    His posts on different message boards showed that he did not have any intention to share a room with Indian American named Ravi. He mentioned in many of his posts that he visited the resident assistant and formally requested for a new room when he learned about the violations made by his roommate and found Ravi inviting his Twitter followers to watch the video of a second sexual encounter.  Clementi posted a message about 15 hours before jumping from the George Washington Bridge. He wrote in his posts that he also reported the incident to two other unnamed "higher-ups" as well.


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