what is Selena Gomez email address

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what is Selena Gomez email address and Will Selena Gomez reply to an email sent by a very good looking fan?

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  1. emmy

    Her email address is because crashed. You can contact her this way. She answers most of the time, and she's really sweet!!

  2. Guest6094
  3. Guest1099
    I Think i can answer that
  4. Guest7223
    hi everybody i am one of selena's friends!!! and i know her email but srry i can't give it to you and search it up morons
  5. Guest1750
    which one is it ? ?????????????????????????
  6. Guest8902
    selena gomez's real email is trust me and belive it because i did the email and she emailed me back and if you don't belive me email her and she will email you back i repet her email is and it says 722 because her birthday is july 22
  7. Guest5383
    if you want Selena Gomez's email Here is an email that has it. Also she is looking for a HOT 14 yr old boy. her email is:
  8. Guest8310 im not lien
  9. Guest614
    I mean @ when i say 2
  10. Guest6412 / ok??(add both)
    proof (but i don know true or fake)=!/photo.php?pid=124221&id=100000706045774&fbid=111623152204552
  11. Guest2956
  12. Guest6435
  13. Guest9599
    mine is or
  14. Guest4251
  15. Guest742 relly i tryed it and she said its great that ur a  fan ttyl
  16. Guest973
  17. Guest7691
    Hey! selena's email is: I swear. HONEST. She even chatted with me on facebook AND twiiter and she told me this was her official email.
  18. Guest6743
    yay i going to add her and give her my phone number
  19. Guest9969

    I met her about 3 months ago at a charity thing in cali and she gave me it. She says its weird cause she didnt want people to figure it out so easy, but i begged. :) Its; Email away!

  20. Guest4790

     All these are fake! Click this : to find out

  21. Guest8623

    actually it's

    i'm mailing her and were kind a friends now.

  22. Guest4864

    hey guys and girls im selena gomez this here is my messanger byby

  23. Guest3866

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