what is enviornment

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what is enviornment

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  1. paafamily
    "Environment is surrounding atmosphere/ condition for existence" - "Environment is an essential natural process or an outcome of occurrence" – "Environment is of  two types, one is negative and the other is positive":

    Environment is generator: creation of life form is because of environment. Sun/moon, sea/ earth, hot/ cold and forests/ desert etc; they together made an environment that is fit for our existence. There are two different environments one is positive and the other one is negative, life forms in both namely, pests, insects and others are cold blooded have different conditions which suits them to survive that may not be suitable to us, both have own identities. Most important factor is that negative positive factors have to join together to form an environment for example mother/ father for birth of a child, negative/ positive of energy for electricity. In the system of environment, both have integral role to play. Where negative dominates outlines its systems and where positive dominates forms its own.

    Environment motivates to react:  We are miserable when are in desert and delighted when we are in lush garden. In a hospital we are in different mood and in disco different. Environment motivates us to change our mood and reaction is in accordance.  

    We also generate/alter environment in our surroundings by our practice: Depends on the behavior of the individuals.  Positive thinkers have positive feelings and negative thinkers it is negative, creates environment accordingly.  This process turns to evolutionary system when a group of people have same thinking that initiates others to follow. Human lust and excessive usage of natural wood causing deforestation, pollution heating temperature is NEGATIVE environment for us.

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