what is gluten allergy?

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what is gluten allergy?

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    GlutA gluten allergy, whose scientific name is Coeliac disease, is the result of the body not being able to digest this rubbery substance that is found in wheat. A gluten allergy is often confused with a wheat allergy. The difference is a person with a gluten allergy is only affected by wheat products that contain gluten while a person with a wheat allergy is affected by all products that contain wheat. Gluten is also found in rye, barley, and oats. Most of the baked goods you get at the bakery or grocery store contain gluten. en allergies are relatively common. Some studies indicate that 1 in 167 apparently healthy children (0.6%) and 1 in 111 adults (0.9%) have a gluten allergy. When people with gastrointestinal complaints were studied, 1 in 40 children (2.5%) and 1 in 30 adults (3.3%) were found to have agluten allergy. This makes a gluten allergy quite common, especially when people with chronically uncomfortable guts are considered.

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