what is jaden smith cell phone number

by Guest5359  |  11 years, 10 month(s) ago

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i want to know what is jadens smith phone number so i can call him and talk to him

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  1. Guest1799
    ok i know jadn gf him and his sis if u want his number just write me on twitter not u r not getting my future husband number u must be stupied leave the boy alone he is only 12yrs old

  2. Guest6220
    jaden smith dont hav no girlfrend u dummy.hes anly 12 his dad said he can only have a real life girlfrend until hes 14 and u want 2 know who his girlfrend will be not the girls meeee thats who.i know all about him and im just 12 like nhim and my birthday is on july 17.
  3. Guest7768
    his number is267 568 1496 no lies
  4. Guest8164
    guest 20660535 ya lieing cause thats a philidelphia number and he does not live in philidelphia so thank u very much gets  ya facts right
  5. Guest3033

    For my 13th birthday I want someone kool t2 listen 2 me sing besides my friends its kind of sad because every year i realli dont get do do nothin but have a regular day . It sucks cuz ever since i turned 10 i never got a present or did anything thats y im hoping on my birthday it will be different.

  6. Guest8724

    what different does it make my bday is on july 18th and im 12


  7. Guest8694

    cuzz i really want to talk to him and be his friend i like love him as a friend

  8. Guest5341

    yall some dummys and jaden smith is mine

  9. Guest4789

    all the girls that think that jaden smith is s**y girls yall num 1 cuz yall got good taste he is cute as heck


  10. Guest875

     I LOVE JADEN CHRISTOPHER SYRE SMITH SO MUCHH!! U guys need to stop sayin thats your future husband because u cant tell the future yall dont even now if he like you. I like him because he is so beautiful also i would love him if he was not rich like he is JADEN IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  11. Guest8029

    I love Jaden smith since i was a lil grl because when i first seen him on the tv show all of us i had a doll walking around sayin thiz iz jaden smith he's my husband.I would love even he was not rich I really don't care about that stuff it's what's in your heat not whats in your mind. An i don't need his money because I am also rich My family can buy an sell every one on here I don't need money. And i really like him because he sounds like he have a great personality and he can rap and i can sing an i would love to be willow smith friend she looks cool to hang out with and stuff an jaden probaly don't even like girly girls an im not i like to play lots of sports but at the same time i like to do some girl stuff.


    I llllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jaden Smith <3

    :) :)

  12. Guest7071

    Hi jaden smith i want your phone number so bad but i check on the top an somone put it there but i don't think that is not the right phone number

  13. Guest1860

    my birthday is july 13 and i realy want his # he is only older than me by  5 days so he should be mine 


  14. Guest109

     i know his number its 404-675-5733 

    i know because i know him

  15. Guest3763
    My name is Jordan, my bday is april 9th and ill be turnin 13, ive always wanted to meet Jaden and just talk and hang out and stuff but i live all the way in Weyers Cave, Virginia :.(
  16. Guest9733

    i dont believe any of you so if you say thats his real number wont u call it and if it answers txt back and we will beleve u

  17. Guest618

    pzl im going 2 go out wit him hes mind and all yall b*tches might think u gon get him but u not so SHUT THE F*CK UP:)


  18. Guest4807

    people u put comments saying u like jaden smith he is goin 2 be ur future boyfriend or husband do u guys even know if he likes u or ya back . i agree with Guest 21760407 he or she is right how can u people tell da future saying jaden smith is mine or he will be my FUTURE BOYFRIEND    thats all i have 2 say

  19. Guest5619

    well beleave it or not the man at my school no him so it dnt matter to be because that man is close to my mom the mann live a door from jaden and he got there number and i got there number in ur face we be on the phone every day after school and i going to see them i got fornt row ticket want to be my friend to meet justin,jaden, and willow hit me up on facebook justice souriac

  20. Guest7213
    Girl u better go some where.jaden smith is gonna be my furture husband Jaden smith i thaink u is so so so cute & hot i luv to do cool thaings like play sports & play vido games i know it's kinda odd for a girl but it so cool my favorite clebrity is will smith,jada pinket smith,u,willow,nicki minaj,justin biber.
  21. Guest4139


  22. Guest6560

    jaden smith is so s**y with that six pack i wish we would meet and he would be my boyfriend and when we get older we can b married

  23. Guest6161

    all yall somee f*****g obessessed people get a f*****g live


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