what is justin bieber's email address for hotmail

by Guest338  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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because this is my dream to get to now him.I am 10 years old and i love to sing every morning and night also my name is Elizabeth Mcnabb.

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  1. Guest3291
    what is justin bieber's email address for hotmail

  2. Guest6778
    i want someone to tell me what his hot mail name is please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Guest7495
    ah, keep asking, no-one has the right answer for you!!!
  4. Guest9502
  5. Guest4327
  6. Guest3507

    i want to now justin bieber email and i no his phone number haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you don't

  7. Guest7181

    justin bieber you are best at singing  and i like you new song seeeeeeeeee ya  i love you

  8. Guest9047

     I LOVE Justin Bieber and it's my dream to have his REAL phone number or REAL email for hotmail :D

  9. Guest4791

    can i he=ave his hotmail adddresss please i really love him i am  big fannnnn

  10. Guest925

    yeah i really want to know i love him sooooo much

    i love you Justin <3

  11. Guest8038

    it is

  12. Guest900

    what is justin bieber's phone number and email address for hotmail ?????????????????

  13. Guest6795

     will i tried

    and i tried 


    and non of them worked there's no one with these e-mails 


  14. Guest8921

    what is justin bieber´s email address for hotmail? i´m not a fan -.-' but he is a caind of cute

  15. Guest8447

    tell me what is justin biebers email address for hotmail

  16. Guest9335

  17. Guest4449

    heyy justin bieber i am a big fan of u rock and love the new move never say never and i have to question for u justin are u aiver going to come to halifax to play a song because in halifax here is alot of pepole that are  a big fan of u like me my saicon question is if aiver come to halifax could u come and si me at my house and justin do u have msn ok so please justin can u come to halifax and play a song and come and se me at my house ok so talk to u some and please come to halifax and a song and come and se me at my house ok so please come to halifax talk to u some justin bieber ok

  18. Guest6313

     im his cousin and his msn is actually 

    if u want proof that im his cousin then add my msn which is


  19. Guest6853

    i am not sure if any of these emails are right please tell me the real justin bieber's email for hotmail.


  20. Guest7860

    I want to know his email address so i could put him on my friends list also so i could write to this guy

  21. Guest334

    omg. i just want his email so friggin much im a huge fan, more than any of you's, do any of you know his actual REAL email address?

  22. Guest6950


  23. Guest1018

    can we have justin biebers hotmail we realli love him!!!!! love u justin !!!!

  24. Guest7680

    When I first heard of Justin Bieber, I thought "Eww. I don't really like him." and then a while ago, I saw his AWESOME movie Never Say Never. I really like him now. He is an awesome, phenomenal, hard-working, kind person! If you hate him, that's just too bad because he is truly an amazing person! I love you Justin!!!

    Love: Lily


  25. Guest5413

    I luv you Justin Bieber!!!!!!!! (L)

  26. Guest3590

    people stop asking mygosh i just know i called a number and i talked to him and its true ! the olnly thing is i dont know his e-mail but no one will get his e-mail

  27. Guest4310

    you bitchs better look and find the real one or i'll shove my foot up your asses

  28. Guest918

    I loveJustin Bieber 2 but ya know that probably no1 is going 2 get his email.

  29. Guest4675

    what is justin biebers msn? or does anyone know his REAL number? :) X


  30. Guest4592

    Justin Bieber has not publicized his e-mail address.

    You can get further information by visiting his official website.

    That is:


  31. Guest3330

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