what is justin drew bieber's fan mail adress

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what is justin drew bieber's fan mail adress

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  1. Guest6037
    justin bieber
    cak djjbhgtjtgnmnkmgh

  2. Guest4641
    Justin Bieber
    C/O Island Def Jam Group
    Worldwide Plaza 825 8th Ave 28th Floor
    New York , NY 10019
  3. Guest8767
    J-Bieb J /FAN MAIL
  4. Guest4434
    dear justin drew bieber

    my name is deena borkowski i am 10 years old and i love to sing aswell.
    i was just wondering if i could ever meet u.
    thank u for your time to read this letter.
    can u send back and tell me if i can meet you.

    love your biggest fan deena borkowski
  5. Guest8787

    justin plz talk


  6. Guest9972

    Hey Justin ,  My Name  Is Kristy Reilly. And I Am 22 Years Old. And Do You Like To Come Over To My House To Take Me With You To The Hamilton Mall. Because I Want  You To Buy Me A  Text E-Mail Computer To Text Me On My CellPhones To Talk To On Each Anothers  Cell Phones. And I Have Twins  Sister  Her Name Is Katie Reilly. And I Have 1 Brother His Name Is Brant Reilly. And  I  Have 1 Dog Her Name Is Skippy Reilly, I Have A Birds , I  Have  A  Fish , And I  Have  A  Cat His Name Is Lucky . And I Wish That  I  Can  See You At  Your Concerts To  See You Again. And  I Will Stay At  My House To Cooking  With My Family. Because EveryBody  Is Come  To My House For Thanksgiving . And How About You Are Stay At Your House Or  You Are Going Out On Thanksgiving With Your Family.  Because If  You Are Not  To Busy Do  You Likes To Come Over To My House For Thanksgiving . Because I Want You To Getting Married To Me . Because I Am  Good , Nice, Happy, Hot For You , And I Am So Friendly To You. And  I  Have  To Getting  Jobs To.  Because I  Did Leave My Old School At Atlantic County Specials Services School Distict . And  When I Will See You Again At Your Concerts  I Want You To Pick Me Up At Your Concerts. And I Want You To Pull Me Up On  The Stage With You. And Do  You  Know That I Can Sing The Song . And I  Can  Do That  With You. And  Do You Know That I Am Very Good Playing  BasketBall And  BaseBall With My Teams. And Do You Know That I  Need You Tonight , Because I Am Lonely . And If  I Will  See You Again At Your Concerts Can You Give Me A Autographed  On My Hat Has No  Name On It. Thank You So Much. And Do You Like To Sleep Over To My House. You Can Sleep With Me . Because I Am Your Biggest Fan Forever. I Love You So Much. And  Can You Going Out With Me  On The Date. And Please Say Yes To Me To Going Out With Me On The Date . Because I Love You  So Much. And You Can  Say Yes  To Going Out With Me   On The Date. And You Can Kiss Me On  My  Lips  When We Will  Going To Getting  Married Each Anothers . Please Say I Do Want To  Getting Married To Me Please. Thank You So Much. And I Can Give You A Massage . And You Can Give Me A Massage To. And Thank You. Love, Your Biggest Fan Forever Kristy Reilly.

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