what is sean cody model kurt's real name?

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what is sean cody model kurt's real name?

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  1. Chase irons

     Chase irons is his real name. Works at Xsport fitness in Chicago

  2. Chase irons

     Chase irons

    chase irons

    chase irons

  3. Chase irons

     His real name is chase Austin irons

  4. Chase irons

     Chase irons is the g*y p**n stars name

  5. Guest2140
    I've had enough of this!!!

    Most of the models are straight men who desperately need cash and they get it in the form of $1,900 for a solo and $5,000 for bottoming. They will usually do a couple of shoots when they are flown out for the weekend, which if they are bottoming in both shoots they will get $10,000.

    This is a business that caters to sad lonely desperate men who want to believe in the fantasy. It is all VERY staged, it’s a PERFORANCE and we are paid to ACT, weather you want to believe that is up to you.

    We are given Enemas to clean the s**t out of our a*s, we then insert a butt plug inside ourselves for a few hours (extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant) to loosen up, we are then jacked up on Viagra and given strong numbing cream to rub on our a*s holes and inside our asses. When it actually comes to penetration you can’t feel anything, I even had trouble knowing when the model on top was inside me.

    We are also told exactly what to do from the production team, which includes which noises to make, what face expressions to use and positions to be in. Even the “behind the scenes” are scripted.

    Now I hope that answers any question you odd balls my have, but If any one tries to continually contact me on facebook I will REPORT YOU for STALKING offenses. I will also happily message every person on your friends list and inform them of how much you love g*y p**n and seeking out and stalking p**n stars. Everyone in my life knows what i do and what i get up to....what about the people in your life????

  6. Guest5095
    Go take your bleeding drama elsewhere, you smelly PMS-ing female dog and yeah, I mean you the poster below mine.

    It's Max Keebler btw, Original Poster.
  7. Guest5304
    Guest18081594 you sad stupid loser!!!! get off your laptop, go to the gym and get a boyfriend and stop using p**n as some sort of subsitute for real s*x. hahaha
  8. Guest4558
    Guest18159164, I already have a f*****g boyfriend and a f*****g kickass s*x life, you saddest and BIGGEST c**t of a freak. Could you cut off your fingers with a 12" kitchen knife first before typing something stupid next time? Your balls as well while at it. Thanks, c**t-hon :)
  9. Guest5640

    Umm. Having come across this posting and after reading the threads - just an objective comment here. Somebody asked Kurt's real name. This simple, enamored question was answered sorta like this: "f**k You! Cut off your balls! Kill, kill, kill you with a chain saw!" So ok (to whomever gave these answers - Kurt?), I understand the guy is a little bit of an enthralled fan, but ratchet it back a bit. How about something like, "none of your business guy." Mind you, if Kurt were ever arrested and thrown in a California jail for having s*x with a minor like Pat Bateman, then we'd all know his name whether anyone wanted too or not.  Peace!

  10. Guest9931

    Poor Kurt. Or Max. Maybe he should put some of that numbing cream on his brain.

  11. Guest5581

    Guest22270707 here again.

    I'm sure they're both nice guys - along with the original poster of this question. So everybody play nice in the sandbox.

  12. Guest1974

    don't know if that's really kurt but if in fact you are i'm sure you signed some non-disclosure aggmt. not to give away some of the 'tricks of the trade' as you have done here.  i know i was. fans of these sites like to think the models are at least 'curious', and depriving them of that fantasy/delusion undermines the erotic allure of the scenes.   btw even us models who are out and g*y-identified are made to subject ourselves to the same prep-work as you described just to assure that the scenes flow smoothly.  the thing that really bothers the living s**t out of me is that by maintaining your straight-identity, facade or no, gets you a bigger pay-check than us g*y models doing the same work.  lastly, if you didn't think your privacy would be compromised to some extent by doing twenty-plus scenes for a high-profile internet g*y p**n site you're a serious dumb-a*s!  so if some fan discovers your facebook,etc, and messages you, politely respond "i'm glad you like my work!"  trust me, that's usually all they want to hear and it's good pr for the site.  but get the feeling you don't do 'polite'.

  13. Guest1023

     Chase Irons! He is a personal trainer in the Chicago Suburbs.

  14. Guest4182

    Re: Guest 22270707

    Your statement about Pat Bateman is incorrect. He was incarcerated for not seeing his probation officer one month last year. The incident you're talking about happened when he was 18 (he's 25 now) and the minor was his girlfriend at the time with whom he was having consensual s*x. He was put on probation for it. He went on a few different blogs after he was released and explained the situation himself. The blogs that reported on it either didn't do their homework about why he was in jail or didn't report it because it didn't make an interesting enough story.

  15. Guest446

    Guest 22396055 here again. Forgot to mention that Pat's girlfriend at the time was only 6 months younger than him. Why he was charged if it was all consensual and when she was at the highest age of consent a minor could be (17) is beyond me.

  16. Guest569

    Pat Bateman/Graham Rickenbaker was convicted/pled guilty to felonies related to having s*x with a minor that was at least four years younger then he was. Brush on your California statutes.

  17. Guest377

    Well, either way, straight or g*y... you models make it a great day or week, for many of use single guys... I never have problems getting guys, but I wish they made more g*y men like you all!  Enjoy your work! 

  18. Guest8647

    Re: 22451491 I'm well aware of what Pat Bateman was convicted of. I'm only telling you what the man himself said on a few blogs after he was released. Don't forget that charges against someone can be trumped up. Just because charges exist on paper doesn't always mean that's what you did. Pat even said that the charges given were not the same as what was done (again, from one of his blog posts).

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