what is selena gomez's real cell phone number

by Guest6025  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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what is selena gomez's real cell phone number

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  1. Guest8830
    LOOK... ur not going 2 find selena gomez's phone #. all thats gonna happen is ur just goin 2 try different #s and its not gonna be her. :)

  2. Guest8535
    I know her real fan number it is: 1-214-306-9590 really it is true i tried it yesterday try it for yourself
  3. Guest5764
  4. Guest9937
    her # is 1-214-306-9590
  5. Guest9181
    who ever haz selena # real # please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Guest6952
    her number is 510-967-1029 really.i know because im her cousin taylor chavez.dont tell her she wont get mad she always changes it because people call.
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