what is so special in the Range Rover autobiography ultimate edition?

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Heard a lot about different range rovers, but I wanted an insight on Range rover Autobiography ultimate edition, what is so special in it?

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  1. James Harley

     The range rover Autobiography ultimate edition is for the Rich and Exclusive, it refelects one's own statement of style and luxury, it has been named as the Autobiography edition because it has your name into it, The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition provides a choice of exclusive exterior colours: Roussillon Red, Otago Stone and Santorini Black. And 20 inch alloy wheels. Only available for the Exclusive's individual order. It has your name on it.

    The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition features a full leather colourway theme with light and dark options.

    There are real wood veneers, real wood door top rolls and illuminated treadplates. Plus a higher grade leather topper for the instrument panel and door trims. It makes it all uniquely exclusive and personal, and uniquely yours.

    The rear console extension includes a chiller box and a laptop table. The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition is exclusively practical for people who have style.

    The Range rover Autobiography edition details a finesse and sophistication of Kalahari real wool inserts, a full leather headlining and aluminium detailing with a satin chrome finish.

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