what is the answer to the glyph "the power they wielded CUT down their enemies"

by Guest7997  |  12 years, 8 month(s) ago

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in assassin's creed 2?

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  1. Guest2014
    Just pick the pictures with swords in it. "CUT their enemies"

  2. Guest3392
    people always write dum s**t Hun, arthur, perseus, sigmund, Joan of Arc. Say the names
  3. Guest5894
    WTF is this i put what you say but it says it is rong
  4. Guest7866
    ive got only a small tv cant see swords on all them
  5. Guest6123
    the AWNSER IS Hun, Aurther, Perseus, Sigmund, Joan of Arc.
  6. Guest3720
    Im 100% sure i have done this the riddle ..... Hun, Aurther, Perseus, Sigmund, Joan of Arc.
  7. Guest5088

     You are all worthless, did exactly as you posted here to solve, and it was wrong, I hope you all die of cancer.

  8. Guest6377

     There is a glitch within the game that says its wrong even though you have done that question. all you have to do is quit and load should fix the problem, Its was patched but some people still have the problem. But the Answer is Hun, Arthur, Perseus, Sigmund, Joan of Arc.

  9. Guest9549

    synchronise first and you should be able to do it after

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