what is the meaning of doing work?

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what is the meaning of doing work?

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  1. jane
    Work can be defined in many ways.    

    1.  Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something.
             1. A job; employment: looking for work.
             2. A trade, profession, or other means of livelihood.
             1. Something that one is doing, making, or performing, especially as an occupation or undertaking; a duty or task: begin the day's work.
             2. An amount of such activity either done or required: a week's work.
             1. The part of a day devoted to an occupation or undertaking: met her after work.
             2. One's place of employment: Should I call you at home or at work?
             1. Something that has been produced or accomplished through the effort, activity, or agency of a person or thing: This story is the work of an active imagination. Erosion is the work of wind, water, and time.
             2. Full action or effect of an agency: The sleeping pills did their work.
             3. An act; a deed: “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:14).
             1. An artistic creation, such as a painting, sculpture, or literary or musical composition; a work of art.
             2. works The output of a writer, artist, or musician considered or collected as a whole: the works of Shakespeare.
             1. works Engineering structures, such as bridges or dams.
             2. A fortified structure, such as a trench or fortress.
             1. Needlework, weaving, lacemaking, or a similar textile art.
             2. A piece of such textile art.
       9. A material or piece of material being processed in a machine during manufacture: work to be turned in the lathe.
      10. works (used with a sing. or pl. verb) A factory, plant, or similar building or complex of buildings where a specific type of business or industry is carried on. Often used in combination: a steelworks.
      11. works Internal mechanism: the works of a watch.
      12. The manner, style, or quality of working or treatment; workmanship.
      13. (Abbr. w) Physics. The transfer of energy from one physical system to another, especially the transfer of energy to a body by the application of a force that moves the body in the direction of the force. It is calculated as the product of the force and the distance through which the body moves and is expressed in joules, ergs, and foot-pounds.
      14. works Moral or righteous acts or deeds: salvation by faith rather than works.
      15. works
             1. Informal. The full range of possibilities; everything. Used with the: ordered a pizza with the works.
             2. Slang. A thorough beating or other severe treatment. Used with the: took him outside and gave him the works.


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