what is the past of baidwan jatt

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Baidwan clan of jatt at present in Punjab.  I want to know that what is the past of them.  What is their original clan & and where they came from?

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  1. Guest558
    what is the past of baidwan jatt

  2. Guest7696
    Hi. I can confirm there is no doubt that Baidwans are Jatts
  3. Guest8571
    baidwan, toor and seehra were brothers.. they were raajput jatts
  4. Guest4722
    They are jatt sikh people found in 4 villages near chandigarh i.e. Kumbra, Sohana, Mauli, Mataur
  5. Guest3607

    Why are Jatts so hairy and stupid like apes?

  6. Guest6744

     baidwan are all sikh jatt and vedwan are hindu jatt and are from same clan from background 

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