what is the salary of walmart ceo

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what is the salary of walmart ceo.

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    trust me mr. duke is getting paid more than you and me put together.  Wal-Mart Stores Inc CEO Michael Duke received a compensation package worth a bit more than $19 million
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    he gets around 20 million plus the benefits
  4. Guest5604

    you guys are all on crack, Walmart ceo's salary is not 19 or 20 million even if you add up his entire package. 

    His base Salary is . $1192308.

    He gets Bonus of . $4200000.

    And he has Restricted Stock of . $6700026

    Total it all up and you get = less than 6 million. Its not as high as 20 million but the worlds largest retailer known for cheap prices for sure does not pay low wages.  

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