what is this bug that is huge with long stinger? it is black lives in canada only seen once

by Guest5475  |  12 years, 5 month(s) ago

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i got bit or stung yesterday by an unknown bug. then around my house last night i seen a huge flying black bug about the size of a small hummingbird. it had a two inch stinger in the back and i think the wings were clear. by the pain i felt and still feel i think this might have been what attaked me. does anyone know what kind of bug this is? i live in alberta canada and never seen anything like this before

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  1. Guest4152
    I have seen a bug like this but it had two pronged stinger  ive seen it in the fall of last year and now ive seen 2 in late august< its close to caroline alberta where i saw them  no idea what it is though

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