what is willow smith's real cell phone number

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what is willow smith's real cell phone number

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  1. Guest4115

    i  am  willow  smith  hey  fans   and   maybe  friends  i  know  i  love  all   of  my  fans  like  tonyalee   roblyn   charles  my   cuz  in  live   and   not  her  sister  ashlee  charles

  2. Guest6635

     Yeah. And I'm the Queen of Sheba. It's a small world! *Sarcastic*

  3. Guest562

    I  really want to know you better because I feel it would be a great to meet you but I know you are busy & that would  NEVER happen because you don't know me I know that you can't do that + I really  geeky  I'm not bad but i'm not Smoking hot ether ,I get picked on alot  So anyway LUV YA my Qustion is  what type of girl do u like

  4. Guest8629


  5. Guest2211

    @ guest23295703 i dont think she g*y you dumbo and anyway you are not going to get her numba bcz they MIGHT change it alot or they jhust dont need the world to know ALLA their info googd god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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